PUBG Bundle #7.4

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This PUBG bundle contains:

  • PUBG T-Shirt
  • PUBG Frying Pan Keychain
  • PUBG Mug "Logo" - Black



The “PUBG Guy”, poster boy of the game, found his way as a stencil art (in the style of a notorious artist) on the front of this shirt.

  •  High quality silk screen print
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton for a long-lasting fit, even after being washed several times.


Sometimes the only thing between you and death is a frying pan. In those cases, you're probably dead, but everyone gets lucky from time to time. Protect your keys with this most elite of weapons.

  • 3D molded design with PUBG logo on inside of pan
  • Durable chrome metal construction
  • Keychain design measures approx. 5 cm


This classic mug shows the "Overwatch" logo and the slogan "The world needs heroes", so you can start the day in a heroic fashion.

  • Made from ceramic,
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave-safe,
  • Can hold approx. 330ml.